GYD Enerji was established upon the partnership of three groups which are carrying on business in energy sector for long years. Their purpose is to provide service to the organizations that want to make investment in energy sector.

There are a number of investment opportunities in the current period; however, investors can not seize these opportunities due to uncertainties, lack of knowledge and expert personnel. At this point, GYD Enerji aims to give service to investors for providing necessary knowledge and experience. Energy investments require high level of planning, project designing, and manufacturing and operation knowledge.

GYD Enerji incorporates an experienced employees which are experts in technical and administrative fields and have taken charge in a number of projects in various countries around the world until today.

As GYD Enerji, we acknowledge as a duty to execute the projects which have a vital importance in the development of our country, and we take steps in line with this awareness.