Günhan Sondaj Sanayi was established in 1974 and is the first Günhan Group Company. It has made investments in knowledge, specialization and technology, and successfully carried out drilling and injection works in national scope. The company leaded the drilling machinery production and top quality drilling machinery and equipments were offered to the service of the sector in the following years.

Günhan Group adopts fulfilling its contracts in time and working in discipline as a principle. Our company has taken its especial place in Turkish Industry sector with the honor of succeeding drilling and injection works of the biggest dam-pond projects of our country with its more than 40-year experience and expert staff. Intensifying its investments and activities in a number fields such as machinery production, drilling, construction, finance, ground survey, construction of waste water treatment facilities, Günhan Group is determined to gain ground with its principles of honesty, assiduity, accurateness and preciseness which are the most valuable capital of the company.

The six companies under Günhan Group will continue to maintain their contributions to the national economy in the future thanks to their contemporary sense of management, powerful financial structure and hundreds of employees.